based on SAP® R3

The competition for customers and market shares in the automotive service industry is stiff. Sustainable IT solutions give you a decisive advantage. MANAGE.WEGOS, a solution for workshop processes based on SAP® R/3, enables the professional management of your business. It optimises your complete business processes and ensures significantly increased transparency with regard to operating data. MANAGE.WEGOS fully supports the management of your business and is there to serve you. You save time and reduce costs, important elements to ensure business success.

Workshop operations

The goal of WEGOS is to serve as a system that, in addition to order taking and processing, also handles scheduling; the supply and removal of parts; warranty, courtesy and service contract fulfilment; and billing.

Thanks to a graphical user interface, workshop employees can now easily and quickly access all of the data necessary for their work.

MANAGE.WEGOS is particularly well integrated in that the module is connected with the MAN parts catalogue as well as the inspection brochures, and it conveniently supports both. Following the introduction of the SAP-based workshop software, employees working in the service area will begin to work more efficiently and with greater transparency.

MANAGE.WEGOS is a Dealer Management System (DMS) that is tailor-made to respond to the needs of those working in commercial vehicle services, regardless of whether they are an individual business or a corporate group with multiple locations.

The advantages for your business are clear:

  • MANAGE.WEGOS brings all general processes within a workshop together, from storage accounting up to financial accounting.
  • The focus is on service order processing in connection with operating data acquisition.


» Essential functions of MANAGE.WEGOS


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